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Root and power
This calculator outputs desired root and power of entered number
Power into torque, and vice versa
This online calculator turns power into torque and vice versa
Power to the People
Power units converter.
Capacitor in Direct Current Circuit
These online calculators computes various parameters for charging and discharging the capacitor with the resistor
Wind Energy and Wind Power Calculator
Calculate the kinetic energy of wind and wind power based on given parameters.
Quartic equation solution
This calculator produces quartic equation solution using resolvent cubic.
Polynomial power expansion
The calculator expands n-th power of a given polynomial.
Electricity, Work, and Power
This online calculator can help you solve the problems on work done by the current and electric power. It can calculate current, voltage, resistance, work, power and time depending on what variables are known and what are unknown
Modular exponentiation
The calculator performs modular exponentiation of big numbers.
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