Volume-to-Weight Converter

This online calculator calculates the weight of a substance based on its volume and density.

To use the calculator, the user selects the substance from a handbook of densities of common substances. The density is then displayed in grams per cubic centimeter, which is the standard unit for density. The user then enters the volume of the substance in the appropriate unit, and the calculator displays the weight of the substance. The volume of the substance can be entered in either liters or cubic meters, or by entering the dimensions of the container in which the substance is held.

The substances are picked up from the following handbook: The density of a substance, which is open for editing by registered users. Density should be entered in grams per cubic centimeter.

PLANETCALC, Calculation of weight by volume

Calculation of weight by volume

Digits after the decimal point: 3
Density (grams per cubic centimeter)
Weight, kg (in terms of volume in liters)
Weight, kg (in terms of volume in cubic meters)
Weight, kg (in terms of length, width and height)

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PLANETCALC, Volume-to-Weight Converter