Mortgage loan early repayment date

Calculates the repayment period of the mortgage loan with differentiated payments (Sberbank), depending on the size of the payment.

This calculator calculates the period of early loan repayment with differentiated payments. The loan payments with the differentiated schemes are constantly decreasing because the loan principal is repaid in equal monthly installments. The interest of the remaining (decreasing) amount is accrued each month.
This calculator will help you determine when the loan will be repaid if you'll repay it in equal amounts in advance.
The calculator calculates the date, amount of months, and the amount of interest paid (overpayment size) for a given loan amount, interest rate, and monthly payment. It is expected that the loan will be repaid in equal installments; the amount exceeding the current mandatory differentiated payment will repay the loan early without penalty.

PLANETCALC, Mortgage loan early repayment

Mortgage loan early repayment

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Full repayment date
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PLANETCALC, Mortgage loan early repayment date